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What is Computer Security?

what is Computer security - thedeepknowledge
what is Computer security - thedeepknowledge

Computer security is the shield of computer operations and information systems from harm, fraud, and illegal use. It is the method of blocking and identifying unauthorized use of your computer system without permission. There are several types of computer security that are generally apply to defend the important information of an organization.

What are the types of Computer Security?

One way to discover the connections and differences between Computer Security is by investigating what is defending. For example,

  • Information security is securing data from unapproved access, change & deletion.
  • Application Protection is defending an application by developing security features to stop Cyber Threats such as SQL (Structured Query Language) injection, DoS (denial-of-service) attacks, data breaches, and more.
  • Computer Security means securing a standalone computer by holding it modernized and repaired
  • Network Security is by ensuring the security for the software and hardware technologies both.
  • Cybersecurity is defined as protecting systems, which interact over the device networks.

It’s important to recognize the difference between these words, though there isn’t certainly a clear agreement on the meanings. And the degree to which they protrude or are interchangeable. In an easy word, computer security is proffering secure information. And computer parts are used but still protect from bad guy or software that should not access it or change it.

Computer security threats

Computer security warnings are potential dangers that can damage the normal functioning of your computer. In the modern age, cyber threats are continually developing as the world is going advances. The most dangerous types of computer security are:


A computer virus is a malicious program or code which is load into the machine without the user’s permission. It replicates by itself and affects the data and applications on the user’s device. The final goal of a virus is to assure that the victim’s device will never be able to work properly or indeed at all.

Computer Worm

A computer worm is a software application that can replicate itself from one workstation to another, without user permission. The possible risk here is that it will utilize up your computer’s memory disk space. Because a worm can replicate in great size and with high velocity.


Phishers try to steal sensitive business or personal data through false email or prompt messages. Phishing is regrettably very simple to perform. You are trick into believing it’s true mail, and you may enter your sensitive personal information.


A botnet is a collection of machines connect to the internet, that has been compromising by an attacker using a computer malicious program. A single computer is name a ‘zombie computer’. The effect of this warning is the target computer. Which is the bot that will be installed for wicked movements and a long-range attack like DDoS.


A rootkit is a program designed to implement extend the privileged entrance to a machine while actively protecting its residence. Once a rootkit has been installing, the user of the rootkit will be able to execute files remotely. And modify device configurations on the owner device.


Also recognized as a keystroke logger, keyloggers can trace the real-time movement of a user on his device. It keeps a history of all the keystrokes made by the user console. Keylogger is also a very powerful and dangerous threat to steal user login credentials such as username and identification or password, account information.

Why is Computer Security Important?

In this digital age, we all need to keep our machines and our data protected. And hence computer safety is necessary to keep our data protected. It is also necessary to keep our device’s security and overall health by blocking viruses and malware. Which would affect the system execution.

Computer Security Practices

Computer security warnings are growing relentlessly creative these days. One must arm oneself with information and resources to safeguard against these complex. And developing computer security warnings and stay safe and protected online.

Unluckily, the number of cyber warnings is developing at a speedy pace and more advanced attacks are rising. So, becoming a good foundation in cybersecurity knowledge will provide you to protect your computer against every single cyber threat.



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